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You've Paid Attention

It's not that you've given me
objects I could count
but it's because
you've paid attention;

It's not that you've taken me
to places I wanna go
but it's because
you've paid attention;

It's not that you've shown me
the things that I wanna see
but it's because
you've paid attention;

It's not that you can do
everything for me
or anything else;
You have my heart
because you're paying attention.


Someday I will meet you
Not in our rendezvous
But in the balcony
of our territory;

Someday I will see Paris
and other things that aren't ordinary
With you by my side,
together in the ride;

Someday I will, the world will know,
shout to everyone, my vow
My promise, forever to cherish you -
Someday our somedays will come true.


A place of bliss
Pure happiness
Sweet caress:
In your arms
They are found
But the world is round;

But soon
Under the moon
I will find my way to you
And you
To me.



Someday, someday,
I will have you;
Here in my hands
Where it lands
Down to my system
All mine;
Out of these cuffs
Out of these bars
Out of these walls
Someday, someday,
I will have you.



Who knows what?
Who knows when?
We might be together then.


Perfect Vision

Three years in town
But we've met just now
So hold me down;

I don't know how -
But all I know
And all I see

What's a perfect vision?
It's you and me.

Written Jan. 4, 2015

Under the Lights

First day of the year, it was
Late at night until dawn,
Wonderful moment, been it has
Knowing what we feel as one;

I wouldn't ever have this day
With different faces and voices,
Never in any other way
Could this moment be not the best;

For in your eyes, I clearly saw
A reflection of my soul,
Someone that I barely know
Could give me everything, his all.

Written Jan. 1, 2015

Going Round

Photo from Google

It was a slow journey
A single cycle,
View so lovely
Creations of a miracle;

Our hands crossed
And hours went by,
My feelings are tossed
I can't say goodbye;

And when you finally told me
The words "I love you,"
Like what's left of a memory
My mind's got going round too.

Written Dec. 29, 2014

Into Your Eye

Draft Sketch by Andrew Alejado

The stars shone bright that very moment
Naming constellations, a night so magnificent,
Your head was resting on my shoulder
The warmth really made me shiver;

Side by side, you unlocked your gates
Your tales of all the pain gone wastes,
Looking through what I could be inside
The past I fear, the anxieties I hide;

Now I couldn't explain it well enough
When you held my hand, it made me laugh,
My head told me to pull away
But the feeling was perfect so I opted to stay,

And even when the thunder roared
Rain fell down the newly-built road,
You showed me no sign of giving up
So what's the point in making this stop?

You make me feel like I really matter
Beginning to transform me into destiny's believer,
And even if it means making a choice
I'd still want to listen to your voice;

As we open our own story
Hopes in me are in state of glory,
Maybe we could give this a try
I might say I'm ready when I look into your eye.

Written Dec. 29, 2014